Sex Crimes

In Nevada, sex crimes include groping, flashing, sex trafficking, rape, lewdness with a minor, child sex abuse, and child pornography. An individual convicted of a sex crime may be required to register as a sex offender.

Sexual Assault, or Rape

Vaginal, anal, or penetration without the other person’s consent is classified as sexual assault. Non-forced sex with an individual who is too intoxicated or incapacitated to give consent is also rape unless the two individuals are married.

In Nevada, sexual assault is a category A felony punishable by life in Nevada State Prison and sex offender registration. The possibility of parole depends on the age of the victim, whether the victim sustained bodily harm, and the defendant’s criminal history.

Open or Gross Lewdness

Open or gross lewdness is any nonconsensual sexual touching that doesn’t involve penetrative sex. The crime also includes cases of consensual sexual contact in public.

The crime is classified a category D felony or gross misdemeanor depending on the circumstances of the case. Convicted defendants are required to register as sex offenders.

Adults touching children 15 or younger for sexual gratification is lewdness with a child prosecuted as a category A felony or category B felony.


In Nevada, prostitution involves trading sexual favors for money or other items. Soliciting prostitution is also a crime even if no sex occurs. A first-time offense is prosecuted as a misdemeanor, but penalties are stricter for clients with prior offenses, those soliciting a minor, or those soliciting with HIV.

Charges for repeat prostitution offenders may be dismissed if the defendant successfully completes rehab.

Child Pornography

In Nevada, child pornography laws prohibit possession of child porn, advertising child porn, using a computer to control or view child porn, and to use a child to make porn.

Depending on the details of the case, punishment for child pornography can range from one year to life in prison. Sex offender registration is required after conviction.

Sodomy and Bestiality

Performing oral or anal sex in public is a category D felony. However, prosecutors are more likely to charge the defendant with open or gross lewdness for public sodomy.

Sexual contact with animals is also prohibited and charged as a gross misdemeanor or category D felony depending on whether the animal sustained injury.


Incest is when two individuals who are closer than second cousins get married, have sexual intercourse, or commit adultery. The crime is a category A felony punishable by life in prison.

Sexual Harassment

Individuals of sexual harassment may be prosecuted for stalking, harassment, peering, assault, coercion, extortion, indecent exposure, open or gross lewdness, breaching the peace, or hate crimes.

Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation

This crime is a “catch-all” offense for cases of child sexual abuse not addressed by other child sex crimes in Nevada. Child sexual abuse is a category A felony punishable by life in Nevada prison. The possibility of parole depends on whether the defendant willfully caused sexual abuse or merely allowed for it to happen. Conviction will require registering as a sex offender.

Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is the use of threat, force, or coercion to push an adult or child into prostitution. Depending on the age of the victim, the crime is a category A or B felony that requires sex offender registration after conviction.

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