Every attorney acts like they can defend
DUI cases, but Thomas Moskal has
credentials you can trust.

The Only Experience You Need


Criminal defense focusing on vehicular crimes (DUIs, hit-and-runs, reckless driving) involves complex cases that many defense attorneys think they can handle, but cannot.

Thomas Moskal was the lead DUI prosecutor in Las Vegas for years. His experience as Chief Deputy District Attorney makes him more experienced and capable than any other defense attorney.

Thomas Moskal also oversaw the Felony DUI Specialty Court Program (SOP) for many years, and saw defense attorneys sign their client up for the program and then withdraw from the case. With his knowledge of the program, Thomas Moskal is set apart from attorneys who rush their client into the program just to wrap up a case as quickly as possible.


To help clients move forward with their life, Moskal Law offers record sealing services. An expert in this area is key: one mistake can delay the process by months. The staff at Moskal Law has record sealing services down to a science.

For your case, turn to the only attorney who can apply years of experience in the role of prosecutor into the best possible defense.

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FIELDS OF EXPERTISEWe also handle other criminal charges in the Las Vegas area.

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