DUI4 Questions to Ask Your DUI Lawyer

Navigating the legal system is no easy process. You need a lawyer who is skilled, experienced, and deeply knowledgeable of the relevant laws. But to discover the information you need, you need to ask the right questions. Here are the four questions you should ask your DUI lawyer.

1. What Is Your Background?

Asking about your lawyer’s background serves as a good introduction. Ask how long they have been working as a lawyer. You will want to know what their history of handling DUI cases is. Ask how long they’ve been dealing with DUIs. The more experience with the ins and outs of the DUI legal system, the better.

2. What Is Your Expertise?

Lawyers typically have an area of the law they focus on, but still take cases that fall outside of this area. Ideally, you will hire a lawyer who has deep expertise in DUI cases. Ask about their successes with previous DUI clients and their history working with DUI cases in the legal system.

3. What Is the Likely Outcome?

Of course, your lawyer cannot tell the future. But based on the particular circumstances of your case, the lawyer can outline the most likely possibilities. A lawyer with true expertise in DUI cases will be able to give you a good sense of where your case is headed. Ask about the strengths and weaknesses of the case against you. Which circumstances make your case worse or better, or impact your case the most?

4. What Is the Plan of Action?

There are several ways a DUI case can play out. Your lawyer will come up with a plan going forward. Ask your lawyer if they think you should go to trial. Going to trial is not a necessity, and may not be the best move. Find out if a plea agreement is a possibility, and if it is a wise course to take.

Asking the right questions of your DUI lawyer is valuable for both parties. You need information about your lawyer’s skills and experiences and in turn, answering your questions will give your lawyer a better sense of your concerns, as well as the individual circumstances of your case.

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